Thursday, June 24, 2010

What day is it?

34 My days have been all over the place for this entire month. I don’t think I’ve know what day it was at all besides our wedding day. You’d think things would be settling down at home by now but nooo. I did some emailing around and was invited to a few craft fairs. I’m trying to prepare for one this weekend for Jane Austen (<3) regency week in Alton. I just found out yesterday SO I begged Ryan to take me to the craft shop and load up on supplies.

I’ve been cutting, whining and gluing my little heart out. Hopefully I’ll have 20 brand new lanterns for the fair. Yes, I could have used the 20 I made for our wedding but I think they might be all scrunched up and not so pretty anymore. These lanterns are new and improved with pretty colors and patterns. (spell check is telling me colors is wrong but I refuse to spell it the other way, I’m still American even if I drink lots of tea and eat scones with clotted cream n’ jam or jelly, whatever!)

I’ll put a little post up tomorrow (if all goes right) and let everyone know more about where it is and what will be there. This is my first time selling in a craft fair so hopefully I’ll learn a lot and be more prepared next time…ok no I reeeally hope it all goes smoothly, doesn’t rain and people like my stuff.

<3 yous!


anna and the ring said...

Whoop good luck girl!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Have fun!

p.s. I always refuse to convert to the other spelling!