Monday, July 26, 2010


3526060087_c2354151fe_oIt’s Dad’s birthday today! There we are a few years back. Why am I pointing like it isn’t already obvious? For some reason this photo brings me back to my childhood (her hair, not her boobs) and Dad listening to Van Halen while he got ready for work in the morning. I’d slide across the floor in my socks and jammies playing air guitar with the top part of my pink play ironing board. I wouldn’t be the mean air guitarist (and drummer) I am today…without you.

I’ve made a Dad compilation with his kinda music because I know he reads my blog. Enjoy!



Liv Lundelius said...

Your dad is a pretty handsome !
Happy belated birthday Katies dad!

Kitty Stampede said...

dad's got good taste! very cool that he likes the toadies!!! that's a wicked photo of you guys. is that one of those nutstastic velvet paintings???
you're adorable btw.