Wednesday, July 7, 2010

e-Yoga Session One: Yoga for the New Beginner

3927691860_661506faa3K, guys… break out your nag champa, light your candles, roll out your mats or blankets, and get your yoga on! I must warn you that she does talk quite a bit but remember this is Yoga for super newbies, so she is going to explain evvvverything.

After this session, I say practice the same poses whenever you have time throughout the week and I’ll post another video that we can do together next week.


- If you have wood floors grab an extra blanket for your knees.

- If you have really tight hamstrings use two yoga blocks. If you don’t have yoga blocks (like me) – grab a phonebook, big fat dictionary or shoe boxes.

- Breathe, breathe, breathe!


Let me know how it went for you! Here’s the link again: Yoga for the New Beginner @ 7pm London time

I’ll be sending you my e-energy!

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Savoir Weddings said...

This looks cool - I'm always meaning to get into yoga and I like the idea of trying it out before joining a class. Thanks!