Thursday, July 15, 2010

Girly stuff: cats & lipstick

il_430xN.105019040il_430xN.105019077 I just blogged about this etsy shop but I kept looking and found these. Oh treasures! The kitties used to be a night-light but it doesn’t come with cords or anything. I’m sure it could be fixed somehow?

Honestly, I just bought my second stick of lipstick yesterday – for real. I’m not a lipstick girl. And apparently I SUCK at picking them out too because when I brought the 2nd home and put it on it looked horrible. So I can’t french braid and I don’t know how to pick out lipstick…great. Sometimes I wonder how I lucked out with Ryan (aside from the kidnapping and brainwashing).


Robyn said...

NICE katie! <3 well i dnt no eitherand i am not old enough too wear it(i only wear lip gloss-RARLEY) any way u will get better hopfully!

Katie said...

Rob, Mom always told me I didn't need to wear lipstick. Just a bit of liner (if that) and some gloss. I'm sure she'll say the same to you. Also, Emma was blessed with some seriously red lips and will never ever ever need it, ever.

Chelsea said...

i want that lipstick holder!