Thursday, July 1, 2010

Going steady with my yoga mat

We’ve started to plan our honeymoon recently. I know you’re supposed to do that before the wedding but we wanted to have another special something to look forward to, BESIDES wonderful married life and blah blah blah.

As we were planning the wedding, I said I was going to tone up and look my best. I’m not going to start complaining but I didn’t do sh*t. Whaaat?! I can’t even work out for my own wedding? Clearly not that bothered by it. I’ll eat what I want for the rest of my life and poor Ryan will just have to hear about it. He doesn’t seem to mind and continues to chase me around when I’m trying desperately to cover up.

BUT when I started to look at plane tickets and booking the hotel, I saw beaches and ….beaches. I cannot tell you the last ti…wait ok no it was that one time when my Dad took us out on the boat in Florida when I got back from Engand the last time - September. And even then I covered myself, yeah, I remember, my pineapple print shorts were cutting off circulation.

So what I’m saying is – I want to have a butt like that b*tch on The Hills (I’m acting like I don’t know her name). Worrying about what to cover up and how jiggly my thighs are when I walk are NOT things I want to be dealing with on my honeymoon.

Today, Blog, I’m going to start my yoga practice again. I’ll probably continue to eat whatever I want because it makes me happy. I love food but I also like sitting around and doing nothing all day. Yoga makes me feel amazing.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it. I am the Queen of procrastination.

image via naturally nina via kelly loves whales


Gaynor said...

Good luck!

I did the cutting down on eating thing before the wedding to lose weight so ate loads of yummy food on honeymoon!

Im jealous you still have yours to look forward too but so glad we went away straight after the wedding.

Where you thinking of going?

Katie said...

thanks, i am so going to stuff my face full of mexican food while we're out there. we're also stopping in a few states in the US to see family before we go.

crossing my fingers the hurricane's leave by october - plenty of time.

Anonymous said...

Katie, you definitely DO NOT NEED TO LOSE! Maybe tone up, shoot not even that but not LOSE, lol. As far as I can remember you've always been blessed with a wonderful long, lean body and yes, we were all jealous of it!

You are beautiful, never be ashamed of your body.

mariah said...

doesnt mo have the pineapple shorts now?

Katie said...

YES! mo does have the shorts now. they're too tiny on me.

Robyn said...

funny how i new that 2 and i sent that 2 mom!!