Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Things I need (or need more of) in my life:

  • cheetah print
  • friends that can french braid (I tried over 10 times then I questioned my gender)
  • turquoise (stone & color)
  • a bedazzler & hundreds of different studs
  • hats
  • a jewellery box (hinty hint hint bf, fiancĂ©, husband)

So like I said, my man has been super busy and every time I see something funny I turn to crack up with him…but he’s at his desk! Eating chinese food alone sucks. I won’t stop if there’s no reason to.

I’m trying hard to keep myself occupied but I would love to have him back now.

So he got a bunch of movies to shut me up (temporarily) such aaaas…Where the Wild Things Are, Valentine’s Day, Youth in Revolt, and The Invention of Lying. Yeah, excited for some of those. Plus I’ve been finding all kinds of super inspiring blogs to keep me busy.

Honestly, I’ve already started The Invention of Lying which is why I just wrote that  - weird to hear nothing but the truth. Oh, there’s leftover chinese food in the oven because the microwave just decided to break today. Ok I wore it out.


anna and the ring said...

I can braid my own hair and would be willing to try on you!!

Drunken braiding it is!

P.S. My word verif thingy was mantra so drunken braiding shall now be my mantra!

Robyn said...

I heard that Valentine's Day is sapossed 2 be good but I havent seen it.