Thursday, July 29, 2010


3522944273_dbc44b62c7_z3524167402_c6248ff899_z 3523875338_259133f187_z 3524752985_3b527d1d47_zNothing super exciting has been happening lately and when that happens I post photos of our visit to Ryan’s Sister’s house in Avignon, France (two years ago). I took over 2,000 of my most favorite photos ever.

So, I’m getting my hair trimmed tomorrow (oOooOo). I hate going to the salon and not coming out with a completely different look – seems like a waste of money. I’m just holding out for a few more months. It’s almost mermaid boob length!

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Kitty Stampede said...

mine is totally mermaid boob length...hahahah...and i love it but i totally hear ya on feeling like it is a waste when all you get is a trim. i'm in the same boat. i need a bang trim in a mother ass way. i currently living in a bang covered world.