Saturday, July 3, 2010

One hour in Winchester

004005011014017020022030 034036041The coolest hour I’ve spent in Winchester. We went on the wrong day for the craft fair but the right day for the last day of the Hat Fair (although I didn’t see many hats and saw LOTS of bald heads). We had bad chinese food and after we bought it we walked by all the yummy food stalls that we should have eaten at! I wanted to take photos of every single dog I saw. I’ve got puppy fever. I see kitties all day long on blogs, where my dogs at?!??! Thank goodness for Liv’s love for dogs, phew. Y’know like when you get all broody (which is what English people say when girls whine about wanting a baby). I can hold out on a pup a little longer…like until we move into a bigger place and after the honeymoon of course.

So yes, I am a dog person. I do like cats though. They are mysterious creatures. I’m not around kitties often because I get all itchy and stuffy so I don’t really know what they want or how to read them as well as dogs. If I ever got a cat (which I wouldn’t…unless one showed up at my doorstep and I couldn’t find a home.) I’d hope it would be a Siamese albino (so weird and awesome) like the ones our friends have. Reeeeeally doubt one of those is going to magically show up though and he has to like dogs.

Dogs, cats or both?


anna and the ring said...

Winchester is weird!

Robyn said...

4th pic- weird and werider!

Liv Lundelius said...

dogs dogs dogs!
we picked Edie as our favorite.
Pronounced Eedee.
But there is more on the list, just in case the day comes and the name does't suit her personality.