Monday, July 5, 2010

Wanted: e-yoga partners

TAJ Does anyone need an e-Yoga partner? I'm trying to get back into my routine and I usually use my Nintendo DS to practice at home (so geeky, I know). So I looked around on youtube for a good quality video that’s around an hour long.

I prefer to go to a studio and practice there but I can't find a decent Yoga studio/teacher nearby that I like so I'm stuck practicing in the living room or outside. I might sound like a super hippie but the energy at the studio helps me though that long hour. When I’m at home I usually just shut the tv off 20 minutes into it. Maybe if someone else joins it’ll be easier.

They will explain the poses out loud and you can sort of just copy them. I thought it might be neat to try.

We can comment about it after, make fun of the instructor on twitter (no…that’s mean…), whine about how sore we are or just give each other e-hi-fives. There’s no need to put makeup on beforehand, don’t do your hair, wear what you want and just try to relax and enjoy it.


First session will be: Yoga for the New Beginner <---click for the link

Time: Wednesday the 7th  @ 7:00pm London time (check your time zones!)

(whoa, 7-7-7)

I’ll blog again on Wednesday before we start so just check back.


We’re starting off easy peasy – I promise.

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Robyn said...

is that like a online yoga partner???

anna and the ring said...

Yes please!

Katie said...

yes rob, are you joining?? (she is one of my little sister's guys)