Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bag Romance

8843304020_1_1_38843304020_2_1_2Zara being online is A W E S O M E and about damn time dangerous. This bag reminds me of my Mom’s old bags. It might just be because it’s leather and I’ve got nostalgic incense burning. I don’t buy bags often but when I do they are usually cheap, black and for life…or at least a six months. Really, I hardly ever change my bag. It’s such a hassle.

I think the best thing about Zara being online is that now Ryan can buy his work shirts without going to the mall (because he absolutely hates it).

I <3 you Zara.


photos via Zara


E is for Eleanor said...

I need that bag in my life! It's wonderful. And the perfect red. But £50 :( x

Wren said...

LOVE this.

lou said...

oh man - that bag is yummy!