Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blogging just to blog: What I bought today


-My favorite scrub (and apparently UK’s too). I also love those cheap strawberry masks with little seed pieces in them & homemade sugar scrubs.

-Gummy worms & strawberry dip…sticks.

-No7  Exceptional Definition Mascara that comes with a *free* eye palette (colors are okay). I’ve never ever bought any other kind of mascara other than the basic Maybelline’s pink and green tube mascara. I had one of those £5 off the brand coupons and it came with the free palette. So £7 for apparently amazing mascara and some eye shadow. Thanks for the tip Makeup Savvy.

-Probably my 6th pack of cleaning wipes in a month because I get all weird and use them on doorknobs and all that.

-Gillette razors because I finally gave in earlier this year and bought a decent razor instead of the disposable ones. I still get the jingle in my head every time shave my legs. I’mmm your Venussss!

-2 for 1 face wipes. I only use these when we travel because they dry my skin out. I <3 Simple’s products.

-SPIDER’S BE GONE Apparently “it’s that time of year” here and the spiders are out to scare the heck out of us. I wasn’t that bad with spiders but when Ryan gets freaked well then there is just no hope. He does eventually catch them and put them outside though – thank you. I sprayed this chestnut extract around the door frame and windows right when I got home…while talking to the spider that is just hanging out by the door. He is brave. The others only come out at night. The lady that I bought it from also said when I go chestnutting (oh mhm right..) just put them on the windowsill and it will help.

-What’s missing?? My ballet shoes. I went to get them today and the shop was closed. The first class is today so wish me luck!

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Kitty Stampede said...

damn, i must try me some of that mascara. i normally use the good ol' pink and green too. kinda bored with the brush right now though.

i need to get some venus embraces's myself...geez...they're so revoltingly expensive here though. but my legs be begging for some some smoothness.