Saturday, September 4, 2010


il_fullxfull.170483717il_fullxfull.170483688  I think I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t had pierced ears since I was in my late teens. I’ve had them done a few times but just couldn’t be bothered. Well luckily for me (and you) Summer, an old friend of mine has just opened her fabulous little Etsy shop called FolksyChic and has clip on earrings!!!! She also has book clovers that I think look like clutch bags – how chic.



photos via FolksyChic on Etsy


Anonymous said...

Aw, you are too cute blogging about my shop! I'm so happy you like my shop and vintage clip on earrings!

I'm in the process of making hand bags, wristlits, wallets and more, so I'll keep you updated!


Kitty Stampede said...

i got mine pierced when i was 12 haven't worn them in years but the holes are still fill-able. hehe.