Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I saw the belly shirt turtleneck and pigtails.

Here’s the answer to the Sunday’s Music Video Daydream. It’s from none other than….

Sooooo 90’s, right? 1,000 dramatic arm movements all rolled into one. I could totally get lost in doing collages for My So Called Life. Anyone?


Savoir Weddings said...

Oh god Ace of Base, how I do know all the words. And don't get me started on MSCL. The way Jordan Catalano pulled his long sleeves over his hands. *Sigh... dribble, dribble...*

Anonymous said...

I loved my so called life! I had red hair at the time that was on and I so identified with the main character! You have to laugh now ;)

anna and the ring said...

I am going to admit I did not get MSCL.

Ace of Base on the other hand...awesome!