Friday, September 10, 2010

Music Video Daydream #2

mvd2 Any ideas? This one might be a little obvious. I’m still stuck in the 90’s. I mean c’mon, the 90’s had great videos.

cover girl lipstick, chanel nail polish, eyebrow pencil, name plate necklace, max & chloe bracelets, uo dress, crate&barrel flowers

Yesterday’s MVD was:


I went to the first ballet class yesterday. I showed up looking like a proper ballerina – bun and all (no tutu, but leggings). Oh…my god it was pretty hard. I mean, I have no background in dancing aside from out with the girls and all that. There were about 15 girls mostly my age and a few middle aged ladies. They ALL knew what they were doing except for two girls who quickly became my buddies. One of them told me she was kicked out of the other classes. I asked why but she quickly changed the subject – awesome. The other was just barefoot.

We started off with some semi easy stuff then after that it went downhill. The teacher had me spinning across the room in front of everyone. *RED*

I did like it but I forgot everything she told me so quickly and everyone seemed to be picking it up super fast. After an hour of “ballet”, everyone stayed for the Beginners Tap class. So what did I do? I TAPPED. I grabbed a pair of one size too small tap shoes (bad idea but had to get them on fast to join in). Everyone was already shuffling and stepping when I got in and there were no spots in the back, lucky me! I still had no idea what I was doing but I did manage to get a few steps down. I have to admit that it was more fun and the instructor played DISCO so I was all about it. I even threw in a few moves which probably looked super uncool but I was having too much fun. There were moments when I felt like I was training for Glee or MADE.

Hello good posture sore back and blistered feet! I loved it. I just loved doing something completely different. But now which class do I go to next week?


Wren said...

Fun! I used to ballet dance until I was about 14...Then I found skiing and didn't want to dance anymore!

I've been thinking about going to an adult ballet barre class, just for strength and toning...

An inspiring post!

E is for Eleanor said...

It's gotta be No Doubt-Don't Speak :D Brilliant love these posts! x

Elizabeth said...

Yay for dancing!

I dance ballet at the hobby level when I can afford to :) It's fun and it's good to do difficult things that keep your mind and body working.

It'll get easier, I promise!

Chelsea said...

wow, how fun! That's so neat that you went to a ballet class! You are totally a ballerina with those long legs! I bet you'll look super hot in the whole ballerina uniform too!


sissy said...

beautiful blog!