Sunday, September 12, 2010

Music Video Daydream #3

mvd3These little collages are so addicting! This one was a little more difficult because it wasn’t the most memorable video ever and there were so many SUPER 90’s cliché outfits in the video. Not sure how I ended up with leather shorts and ankle boot/cloggy/heel/buckle/lace-ups? I had to throw cheap 90’s hair gel in there too. I haven’t used Dep since I was in middle school.

If you can think of or Google the top 90’s videos then you can figure this one out. We all sang it. I may have sung it more than most people.

 the via’s: shorts, silk blouse, shoes, lipstick, necklace, bracelet, purse

Friday’s MVD was indeed:

Thanks for all the comments on the last post! I really did like the classes and I may have even tapped (barefoot) along to some YouTube tap videos – this guy is SO cheesy but made it really easy to follow along. I say do what you think is fun when it comes to exercise and just getting off your butt.


kirstyb said...

love that song x

{ I V Y } said...

omg clog boots <3 love the song!