Monday, October 4, 2010

Glove Love

access0047 IMG_0742 I’m kinda liking these gloves. I couldn’t wear them because I have what Ryan calls FREAKISHLY LONG FINGERS. He’s the sweetest but really, he’s right. So anyone that wants to be a black cat this Halloween or maybe you’re going on a super sweet date in Paris – don’t forget these gloves.

Speaking of super sweet, I’ve already tweeted about it – my Mom sent me an amazing silky, beaded, fringed, velvety gorgeous, vintage deco style robe. It’s my new favorite thing. I feel like an old movie star in it. Thank you Mom! I love awesome post.

What are you guys thinking about for Halloween? Do you usually keep your costume a secret? I have too many ideas, as usual.

gloves via stanton james (they have pretty white ones too, brides!)


drollgirl said...

freakeshly long fingers? ha! i bet your hands/fingers are lovely! and so are these gloves!

rob said...

I am going to be a piece of PIZZA!!!!! are u going to dress up katie???? <3

city girl said...

Haha, I'm sure your fingers aren't freakishly long. Too funny! I do love gloves though, they're so cozy!

Makavetis said...

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