Tuesday, October 12, 2010

National Knitting Week

Untitled-19Onez Lau via Knit Kicks

So apparently it’s National Kniting Week but when I looked at the events page for the week THERE IS NOTHING HAPPENING (more like National Knitting Weak). I’ve decided to help get some people inspired to try knitting even if it’s just for this week. I’ve only just started a few weeks ago and I’m already on my 5th scarf. So if I can do it, you can. It’s a great feeling when you’re all done with your piece and you can give it away or just keep it for yourself and say “yeah, I made this”.

So I’ll be your Grandma. Here are a list of videos, a few Etsy shops for pretty wool and clothing shops that have super amazing kitted pieces out now.

The Basics:
x   Slip knot, cast on (there are a few different ways to cast on or bind off just find what you like best)
x   Basic knit stitch, purl stitch (everyone knits and holds the yarn and needles differently! just find what is most comfortable for you)
x   Fixing Mistakes
x   Cast or Bind off
x   Weaving the ends 

If you want to watch a series of videos that really breaks it down (made for teens really) just screw those other videos I listed and watch this annoying lady. (I started knitting from watching these videos)

---->CLICK HERE<----

Knitting Abbreviations – wtf do they mean?:
x   Yarn care, abbreviations and needle info

Shops for Pretty Yarn:
x   Viola
x   (if you’re in the UK) Hobbycraft is celebrating National Knitting Week and are having a sale
x   Spin Span Spun

Shop some of my favorite knitted pieces so far for fall:
x   Nasty Gal
x   Wisken
x   Yarn Over Movement
x   Banana Republic
x   Creatures of Comfort AW
x   ASOS

Hope these tips helped or inspired you to knit. If you have tried – I want to see! I’ll leave you with another annoying knitting video…


drollgirl said...

more like National Knitting Weak?!?!? YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!!!

AND a clip of senior pee wee?!?!? you rule!

Brittany said...


Catherine said...

You have a great blog... love the picture at the top of the crazy knit!

Mr Sheen said...

I'd never heard of Pee-Wee, so Mar and Mo made me watch it last week, he's a very strange man!!! Apparently I've had a deprived childhood due to this, and the fact that I've never had peanut-"jelly" sandwiches before, amongst other things that I've missed out on as a child. I'm over it all now though!