Saturday, October 16, 2010

Need a (couple) costume? Pt. 3



FOR HER: Oshkosh B’gosh cord overall dress (I may have spent way too long trying to find the perfect one), plaid green shirt, camel turtleneck and a fuzzy purple robe because it’s chilly out.










FOR HIM: Red jacket, green plaid shirt also, jeans not shown because you can probably find some yourself, a permanent brow arch and a crazy hand typed letter.




   YOUR EXPRESSIONS WHEN SOMEONE ASKES YOU WHO YOU ARE: theshining_wideweb__470x312,0Aw it’s our favorite couple, Jack and Wendy! K, so you might not be the cutest looking couple at the party but I’d think you were pretty damn cool.


rob said...

I like the Green Plaid Shirt so cute! U should get that 1 so when you grow out of it I can have it right??

Kitty Stampede said...

a lot cooler than going as dog the bounty hunter and

i love this series of yours. wicked.
i have such a rough time deciding and it's tough if you don't have a lot of money to spend or time to make.

rob said...

i no right??(for the time to spend) well i am going to be a pice of pizza!! :P