Friday, October 8, 2010

Someone has a case of the Fridays

ghg Remember when Friday’s meant you were free and ready for the exciting weekend ahead? Maybe some of you do but I’ve been jobless for too long and yes, Ryan is home but still works hard for the money on the weekends. I need girl friends and the one’s I’ve got are way way too far away. I will be seeing a few in the next few weeks though so hooray for that!

So off with the whining and on with Friday goodness…

I’ve never really done a weekend link post so here ya go my sweet sweet readers.

x found a new favorite Etsy shop while shopping around for vintage pieces and costume ideas
x been lusting after these nail polishes
x I’m sure Ryan is not excited for this shop to open up in the UK
x wishing I could go to her jewelry making classes so I could have made something as amazing as this
x really want to get these shoes for the man.
x started this new little fun blog while staying up late one night (you might be on it!)
x been thinking about a certain burger that I’ll be stuffing my face with in 4 weeks
x fuelling my love/hate relationship with AC (no, not Slater) when she’s on tv she can come off a little snobbilicious (I’m totally just jealous) but she’s just so darn cute and has style like none other. I’d wear it all x1000!
x just listened to this ASDA customer service call and laughed until I cried 
x tired of dressing up as a slutty pirate, trashy tinkerbell or naughty nurse? Why not be an ugly bitch for Halloween? Just watch this tutorial by one of my favorite YouTube guru’s, Queenie.

K, I got a little bored of that. Hope you had a good week and were productive, inspired or just really glad it’s over, like me! My poor body is so sore from ballet & tap. I sorta kinda skipped last week because I was feeling like a weakling. It totally kicked my butt and I’ll never ditch again. Haha I even snuck out to the car with Ryan to get MacDonalds that night. I thought they’d catch me because class was about to be let out when we took off! (the class is right across from our flat)

Next week we’re going to the drive in movie that Southampton cancelled on us a couple of months ago – it’s back and we’re going to see Dirty Dancing. The man can’t be too enthusiastic about it but he knows I love this kinda stuff. Forrest Gump is playing too but really…how can we NOT see Dirty Dancing at the drive-in?!


And IIIIII….haaaad…the time of my liiiiife…

photo via carolina krews


Anonymous said...

Those shoes are amazing! :) I didn' t know forever 21 was opening up here... how exciting!

Josie ♥ Savoir Weddings ♥ said...

I'm the first follower of your new blog. Hurrah! Have a great weekend x

rob said...

Haha thts so cool!!! love the shoes i almost clicked on everything, I love the shoes for "the man"!!!

anna and the ring said...

1. I have been stalking shoes like this on ebay forever (I think/hope they are miu miu).

2. I did click on everything!

3. New blog, I may be some time!

anabela / fieldguided said...

Doeyeyed! Yes! So glad you got to use that word somewhere!