Friday, October 15, 2010

Someone has a case of the Fridays

33747_10150286287335543_885545542_15146300_4737788_nThat’s our friends cat Lily - who (I think) is the most beautiful cat in the whole world.

It’s Friday again. Here’s one of those linky listy things.

x   I made three JO recipes this week – this, this n this. I strongly suggest the first.
x   Tried to work on my handwriting and ended up writing like a first grader for 15 minutes.
x   Seriously, who cares what time it is when you’ve got this on your wrist.
x   Yes to feathers and freckles.
x   Whenever I go to ballet I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and always think I’m wearing way too much makeup. I don’t wear THAT much but if my face isn’t naked when I’m in yoga pants and a tank top it just looks weird. This makeup seemed to work better for the class yesterday. Yes it’s on a man but he’s rad. I love YouTube makeup guru’s and he’s in my top 5.
x   I update my Mom’s VV shop blog for her – look at this photo she sent me. Had to put it up.
x   Have you seen these little kids re-enact Project Runway? The little boy that plays Michael Kors is spot on. 
x   A couple of new posts on my little girly blog.

K, I need to go get ready for our Dirty Dancing drive-in movie date! Have a great weekend!!


rob said...

I like the Cat!! Cute as Felix!

Kitty Stampede said...

what a sweety if a kitty cat.

the kids project runway is hilarious, and totally agree about michael kors. that reminds me, i have to catch up before the finale. i loved the characters in this season. I LOVE MONDO!!! adorable..heehee.

hope your weekend is going great!!!