Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back to reality

016We’re back in cold, rainy, foggy, LOVLEY England again and trying to get our sleeping back on track (not really, it’s 4am). It’s so hard getting things back to normal when we were 8 hours ahead. Ryan is back to work and we’re back to real life. I’ve got my dance classes again on Thursday and I haven’t been in over 3 weeks so it’s going to be rough and wobbly (I make it sound like I’m an actual dancer…psh). I’m going to try and get some Yoga practice in these next few days so it isn’t so bad.

Thanks to everyone that left the lovely comments about out trip photos. We were so happy to be back in the states but it is nice to be in our own place. I really needed this trip. Before we flew out there I was really missing America. Of course I always miss family and friends but I didn’t think I’d miss the places much – even Ryan was sad to leave.

I have a feeling I’m going to have trip withdrawal like most people do when they get back from a little holiday. I’ve got some plans to keep myself busy and crafty things to do to occupy my mind. I guess I should start the job hunt again so I can actually buy people things for Christmas. It’s creeping up on us fast.

We’re spending our FIRST Christmas together. This is also the first Christmas away from family but I don’t want that to get me down. There will be lots of Christmas’s to spend with everyone at different times. I usually get the blues this time of year and I plan to turn that around. Can’t wait to get our first tree, buy our first ornaments and wrap secret presents.

What am I saying?! I still have to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t think just because I’m in England now that I’m not eating a Thanksgiving dinner!

It’s time to unpack these bags so they don’t taunt me.


SJ said...

coming home is always tough. there's that intial high and then 'ugh, back to reality!'

good luck with the job hunt. i just went through it myself and so glad it's over so sending you good vibes!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

We're having Thanksgiving too (2 dinners!) Going home is a little bittersweet but still comforting.

Good luck to both of us on the job hunt!

anna and the ring said...

But it is your first christmas with family.

drollgirl said...

oh the return after vacation is so hard. especially if you are returning to a job that you loathe! argh. oh well.

the holidays can be tough, too, but you have your man to spend it with, so i think it will be nice!

and send me a sarcastic englishman or ten. ahhahahahah.

rob said...

haha have a good thanksgiving!!! it is supposed to snow here on SUNDAY!!!

Brittany said...

Dont forget you are starting new traditions with YOUR family! <3 you!

Mr Sheen said...

Glad you both had a good time. And I know what you mean about missing friends and family, but I don't miss any "places"...yet