Friday, November 26, 2010

Someone has a case of the Fridays

I’m always grabbing photos of anything that’s weird, pretty, interesting, inspiring – whatever. So here’s a random mix of what I’ve grabbed this week.5125019776_495e2b0b00AbominableSnowmangallery_main-Whitney-Port-Us-Weekly-Hot-Hollywood-Party-1119101 il_570xN.146665956 il_570xN.1937725082wc1qhw tumblr_lc41ynp0Yu1qebenwo1_500 xefzu8.jpg


x another addition to dream my bathroom collection (I cannot find the source for the life of me!)
x the abominable snowman just because
x her hair.
x lipstick kisses on cloth napkins – would totally confuse someone and I’d love to watch.
x plaid plaid plaid please
x outfit inspirations – zara zara zara
x the cutest little Santa’s – must create these.
x I think this is why I saw lots of ice cream in my dream last night
x wishin we could have a little campfire in the non-existent snow. This tumblr is amazing. Christmas threw up all over it.
x amazing hat…let’s all wear big fancy hats again!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and for the for the English – hope you had just a good, normal Thursday. Ryan surprised me and HE cooked instead. It turned out great. We’ll be having Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches for lunch.

Tomorrow my awesome friend Anna is getting married to her Bean! Really wishin we could have made the trip up there on their big day. We’re going to have to plan a night to play the Mr. & Mrs. board game. Any other married couples want to join? We all have to hang out together now that we’re old married folk! So excited for you Anna! You’re going to have a magical day, I know it.

A friend of ours is having a birthday this weekend. The party is themed – Mutton Dressed as Lamb. Which means I’ve got to dress younger than my age or something. Not sure what to do as I already look like I’m 15. I told Ryan he should totally go as Bieber. Maybe I can be his groupie or something.

Have a good Friday!


rob said...

The ice cream looks sooo good!

Chelsea said...

whitney has the best hair.

Kitty Stampede said...

that bathroom pic gives me shivers. i want that. damn. it's amaaaazing!!!!