Thursday, November 25, 2010


5205047522_e44476c43eWelp it’s Thanksgiving Day. Yes, I live in England now and of course no one celebrates Thanksgiving but I’ve got to keep our American traditions and holidays alive. If we ever have kids I will have to stuff their faces with stuffing because that’s just what Mom’s do. The rules are: You sleep in and eat at like 3 or 4 in the afternoon so that you can continue to eat until you pass out and blame it on the turkey. Does it really make you tired or is that just what parents say? Turkey all day then turkey for lunch and dinner for the next week. I did love having mashed potatoes all the time and my favorite had to be the spinach casserole. I love spinach. I just made a spinach pizza last night. Spinach!

So this year is a little different but I’m going to attempt to make a Thanksgiving dinner for two. I’ve never really made a full Thanksgiving dinner before so it should be easy. I’ve helped my Dad cook one year (and the last year we did that) it was way to crazy, hectic, messy and tiring. Ok so anyway dinner for two. I’d love to make the classics. I’ll have to make a mini spinach casserole, mashed potatoes and I’ve got my fingers crossed for canned cranberry sauce but I can almost guarantee they wont have it. I’m pretty sure they (the British grocery stores) also wont have those weird onion things you put on top of the green bean casserole.

Wow…I am whining about how I won’t find dehydrated onions and canned cranberry sauce! *sigh*

I guess I should list what I am thankful for…

x heaters
x the planes we took landing safely (5 times)
x my handsome main dish
x friends and family all across the world – wish I could be with you and eat all of your Thanksgiving foods.
x holy crap i just got teary

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving guys

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Gaynor said...

Hope you enjoy your English thanksgiving; hope you can find your cranberry sauce! x

E is for Eleanor said...

Happy Thanksgiving lovely! I hope your dinner goes amazingly. xx

Jane said...

Miss you too Katie and Ryan. Don't worry, your making your own new memories every holiday with Ryan. We'll be together again someday - LOVE YOU TONS! Snowed this morning. My first Thanksgiving with snow! Forgot to buy pie crust at the store and now I have to make them from scratch - UGHHH!

Why are we so far apart again?? Oh yea, we both married English guys?!?