Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vegas Vacation

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(some of) What happened in Vegas:

- We met the second cutest dachshund on the planet.
- Ryan tried In-N-Out for the first time and loved it. I just inhaled it without tasting it.
- I pinched the cheeks of my bff’s new bb boy.
- Scored a pair of $7 Keds at Ross and my new favorite pair of black heels at Khol’s. ( I <3 when I find bargains and so does my Husband.)
- Cooked a giant family dinner with Ryan. I felt like I was on Top Chef.
- Speaking of Top Chef, I got tons of Bravo TV time in. I know we’re on vacation but I miss Bravo shows!
- Found my new favorite casino/hotel/shops/loungy lounges in Vegas – City Center…gorgeous. Maybe one day I can actually buy something in there.
- Saw two regular sized, one frozen and one tiny Elvis.
- Ate real Mexican food. omg.
- Been the closest ever to two beautiful, sleeping Lionesses.
- Realized about 100 times just how PALE I am.
- Went to M&M heaven.
- Got dressed up with Ryan and went to a romantic dinner to celebrate five months of married life. Ended the night sharing a crème brulee.
- Saw the Bellagio fountain show with my man & friends.
- Met up with Dad and his gf for just a day. I showed them City Center and ate Wolfgang Puck Pizza. We saw ugly, over priced home decor in the Venetian and dined at Red Square – ahmazing food & drinks. It’s too bad my dress was too tight. They made me try a yummy key lime pie martini, first martini & last martini ever. Dessert in a glass is dangerous. 
- Won a little bit on my most favorite slot machine – Wizard of Oz. It’s even worth losing a couple of bucks just to play it.
- Stocked up on American things like kool aid, dressings & candy.
- Hated saying goodbye’s again but we’re excited to go back to the states next year. Thank you and miss you all!!!!xxx

I think it’s time for a new camera. These are some sad photos. It does help me enjoy the moment more when I know I can’t capture it the way I’d like to. There is only so long I can get away with the old point and shoot. Asking Santa!!


anna and the ring said...

I wanna go to Vegas soooo bad!

So glad you had fun.

Sorry England is so rubbish right now!

rob said...

i want to go to m&m heaven/world!! looks sooo fun!

Brittany said...

wait a sec the dog got a pic on your blog but the bff did not?? Glad you made it home, cant wait to see you again

Brittany said...

oh and its cold!! I need my scarf!! :)

Virginia bed and breakfast said...

After viewing your pictures, I decided to go there in Christmas with my family, especially with son and wife. Is this place suitable for my young kid? If no, then suggest me any ideal place.

Katie said...

brit - i'll send the scarf and work on a little baby stocking!

virginia b&b - i used to live there for 7 years and stayed with my best friend. people usually visit vegas for just a few days because it's so tiring.

the city is pretty adult but there are a few fun places for kids. just keep him close by because there are lots of people everywhere!

Kitty Stampede said...

um you are like the cutest thing on the planet. and wow, you accomplished so much! looks and sounds like you had an absolute ball.
woooots! great photos btw.

Kitty Stampede said...

oh and i LOVE your dress. can i have it? thanks... ;)