Monday, December 6, 2010

Bye for now, snow!

003001Yes, more snow photos. There’s only a lump of snow left on the grass now. It was all washed away by the rain. We had a good weekend. Visited the in-laws and picked up Nutella (the hamster). They’ve been hamster sitting for weeks.

It smells super festive in here. I’ve just finished making a spiced orange and hung it up. We did our Christmas tree decoration shopping so now we just need a tree! This will be my first real tree in yeeeears. OH Ryan hasn’t seen A Christmas Story. WT?! So American though, right?

I’ve got a Christmas festival to prepare for on Friday. Making festive lanterns, cards and things. I’m going to make sure I bundle up and bring a blanket. I’m pretty sure I’m going to freeze my ass off though. How is everyone coping with the freezing cold weather?

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E is for Eleanor said...

Oh so much snow! I miss it now it's gone :(

Oh do take some photos of the xmas festival, I love seeing things like that! x