Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dreamy Hair

About an hour ago I tweeted this photo of some dream hair and wished I could have it too. I’m tired of wishing I had that hair, someone else’s hips, that bum or those boobs. I’d love to be more comfortable in my own skin and I’m working on it. I usually make stupid New Year’s resolutions (like no snapping for a year) and this year they’ll be really meaningful. One of them will be to love myself more. SO I made my version of dreamy hair. Go me.010


E is for Eleanor said...

Your hair looks practically identical to that photo you tweeted! Amazing. You have gorgeous hair, I would kill for it. And a great new years resolution. I need to stop being so hard on myself too. x

Chelsea said...

Very pretty! <3

SJ said...

oh man i'm so jealous of your hair! it's looks fantastic!

sadly, mine rarely grows past my shoulders. oh well, not much can be done!

anna and the ring said...

Ok, so I didn't see tweet picture but my god you hair looks amazing there!

Seriously, you know what a bitch I am and tell the truth!!

(Perhaps a similar style could be worn in February? Check your email woman!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, those pics look almost the same... you have gorgeous hair gal!!

I know what you mean about seeing pics of hair/hips etc and thinking how come mine doesn't look like that?! Bad habit that dies hard I think!

Sanja said...

YOUR hair is amazing! Go YOU, for sure. And congrats for the resolution in advance :)

Kitty Stampede said...

Holy Gorgeous!!! Damn..that is amazing. I must try this. Did you use a curling iron or rollers, or what??

I hope to start loving myself more too..I'm sick of being so critical..I've got to start embracing.

take care..always love visiting your blog...sorry for not visting in so so busy.