Friday, December 17, 2010

Someone has a case of the Fridays

1925photo1108xmasHello! Thanks for all of the lovely comments on Monday’s post. Sometimes we just need a shake (vanilla). I’ve been trying to remind myself to stop walking around like a zombie and really experience even the simplest things like walking into town in the afternoon, making dinner or even washing dishes. How does the breeze feel? Are there birds chirping or are there kids crossing the street holding their mother’s hand? Listen to the leaves crunching under your feet. When you’re cooking dinner, chop the onion mindfully, cry your eyes out, laugh, possibly curse at me for making you experience the onion! Ok ok but you get the idea. Try it for just a day and tell me how it goes. Maybe you’re already doing these things. Way to not be a zombie!

I’ve got a good ol fashioned Friday list of clickables for you.

x Amazing purple fluffiness, please.

x I cannot believe this but am loving every minute of this. I have to go and see if for myself.

x I love a good collection. My Mom has lots of vintage fans, globes, well everything but I’ve yet to find what I should be collecting. I used to collect tea pots but I only had one. Sounds like a bad rap lyric. Mom did give me a few pieces of my Uncles (huge) Joan Crawford collection. Ah-may-zing treasures.

x I’m seeing tons of gorgeous festive wreaths lately but this one is awesome and I can guarantee we’d be the only flat in England with this baby hanging on our door…unless you’re from England and you make it. So, if you do make it I’d like one too – call me.

x I thought these were little embroidered something's and then I actually read the words (pictures ooo!) and they’re cookies!

x Ballet and tap are over and I’m no pro but I can twirl a little. I read this and am kinda glad I never took classes when I was a little Katie and ended up being a tiny dancer. Plus my feet aren’t awesome but I’ve seen what happens to them! I kinda want to see Black Swan but am freaked out. Huge wuss.

X These dishes please.

Have a decent mindful weekend! ;)

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