Friday, February 26, 2010

Music & Moving

I have been wanting to see this woman sing live for a long long time. She needs to get back to the uk, fast! SO, I just got back from picking up the keys to our new flat! It was the first time I had been inside. Can’t wait to move all of these boxes in! Made a little move in mix.

Best Coast – This Is Real

Corinne Bailey Rae – Paris Nights – New York Mornings

Cut Chemist – A Peak In Time

Basement Jaxx – Take Me Back To Your House

Madness – Our House

Tom Waits – Come On Up to the House

The Carpenters – We’ve Only Just Begun

Blur – Country House

Smog – I’m New Here

Radiohead – Life In a Glass House

Ella Fitzgerald – A House Is Not a Home

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Remembering Paris




(Random shots in Paris last year by Moi)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010



I’ve been packing and tidying for the move the last couple of days. Seems like I’ve been packing and packing and the place still looks cluttered! People are looking at the flat shortly and I’m going to look busy typing away. I can’t wait to get out of here and in our new place. We went for a visit and it’s teeny and cosy. Not enough room for a small housewarming party which I was going to call “La Casa Fiesta!” but enough for a bbq outside when it’s warmer…whenever that is going to be.

I know all I seem to talk about is Mexican food lately but I think crave all the foods I can’t have when I’m here. It’s sad but guess what? Ryan and I have been talking about honeymooning in Mexico! I’ve looked at lots of hotel/resort/spa whatevers and I think I’ve narrowed it down to two. One has everything you can think of and one has nothing at all and is all about relaxing and yadda yadda. Ryan would really be happy with a beach and a …well that’s about it really. He isn’t used to the sun and I prefer to avoid more than 5 minutes of it. I can’t lay out all day long and do nothing, well not on a beach anyway. It just drains me and makes me want to sleep. I think we’ll have to trade off having lazy beach days and exploring days. We’re also thinking of maybe visiting family in the US while were on that side. We’ll see!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Meh Weekend

Holy crap, I bought a new curling iron. IIIII know, exciting. It has been over 6 years - that's kinda gross actually. And you know what, I wouldn't have bought one if the plug wouldn't secretly slip out of the us/uk magic plug converter thing without telling me. I kept wondering why my hair wouldn't curl anymore. OH IT ISN'T ON!?!


I was going to start posting my Sunday Lovely Sunday posts again but I had a not so lovely Sunday morning. It got better I guess but I went to bed way too early and even forgot dinner - for the second day in a row. So weird. We live for dinner! Sunday morning I woke up super early and got ready for one of my favorite things to do - car boot sale shopping. Last time I went was last year in the summer time. Sooo not the same in the winter and really not worth the freezing, wet clothes and muddy shoes. There wasn't much to look at aside from the japanese Lady & the Tramp figurines which I ended up not getting anyway because I was just too cold to bargin. They were cute though.

I had an early lunch and passed out, stuffed. We headed into town again and looked at home things and planned out our imaginary garden. We bought Tella a new wheel and things then headed home to make sushi. Super yum and I loved the cucumber salad.

My laptop should/better get here tomorrow and our LATE invites should arrive at Mom's too. I'm kinda pissed at Hello Lucky for sending them out later than they told me but whatever just get there!

More good news - I've narrowed the bridesmaids dresses down to a couple and Ryan tried on super handsome vests at REALLY reasonable places like New Look and Topshop on Saturday. Groomsmen suits are way too easy. I think I want to check H&M too, they've got some nice stuff for slim men.

We've sold nearly all the Gocco things except the Gocco! Who want's it? C'mon it's a guaranteed stress maker. I mean creative dream crusher. I mean, you know what I mean. Go Gocco!

And that's the weekend.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

An addition to my "things I want to do" list

Open a Mexican restaurant. I DO NOT mean a Moe's or Chipotle (but I would love either of those right now)! An authentic Mexican restaurant. Not anytime soon ya know but eventually. There is a huge lack of Mexican food around here. I'm not sure the British like the taste, really. We did go to Chiquito's but it's like really bad tex-mex...ok not even tex-mex. The beans were wrong, the rice was wrong...the only thing that was right was the sour cream and how can you get that wrong anyway? I don't make the best Mexican dishes. I only make easy enchiladas and tacos. But it's getting pretty annoying that there aren't any around!

I've already thought of the name. I will open one and I will play Calexico all day long!!

I hope by then I haven't become a pasty girl and have forgotton the taste. I did come across wahaca's fun website and the menu looks good but it's in London and ...I'm not. Englanderz, do you like Mexican food?? Is it just my bf that didn't know how to fold a burrito?? Please let me know of ANY secret spots I don't know about before I have a meltdown. In the meantime, make this salsa via Num Num Chronicles because it's awesome but red instead because I can't find tomatillos. And go buy that pet sombrero.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

This Week's Menu

Thought I'd share...
Thursday - Ryan's Lasagna & Salad
Friday - Steak w/ Fancy Mashed Potatoes and Peas
Saturday - Baked Parmesan Chicken Pasta & Garlic Bread
Sunday - Sushi with Cucumber Salad
Monday - Sweet and Sour Chicken and Egg Fried Rice
Tuesday - Homemade not as bleh Big Macs and Fries

We're pretty good at writing up a menu, making the shop and sticking to it for that week. I do get the occasional MUST ORDER PIZZA NOW OR I'LL BITE YOUR HEAD OFF moments (ok every other week).

I'm looking at it now and it doesn't seem so healthy. I guess it's very out-to-dinnerish but making it at home just seems like it's better for us. What can I say? I love food. I'll save the pizza freak out for next friday because it's moving day!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pancake Day

Looks like I'm going to be a pancake slave tonight. My man LOVES pancakes and reminds me every year when Pancake Day comes around. He doesn't want anything fancy. I've looked up nice fuffy buttermilk pancakes, blueberry pancakes, apple, chocolate, you name it. He wants boring ol flat pancakes with lemon and sugar. FLAT pancakes. What is it with the English and their flat pancakes? Aren't those called CREPES? It isn't Crepe Day!

For those of you who want to celebrate Pancake Day along with the pancake monster, here are some recipes...Smitten Kitchen's Blueberry Pancakes

Smitten Kitchen's Apple Pancakes

Get creative with your pancakes people! Ok to be honest I don't even really like pancakes. I'm more of a waffle or french toast kinda girl. But I always steal a bite.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses Suck

I think I've seen every single dress you can order from the internet. Ryan has to be getting annoyed that I can name off wherever the dress is from that some random girl is wearing.

At first I decided that the girls would be given a color palette and they could choose whatever dress they wanted. But after talking to the MOH it sounded like I should just pick a color and a dress. Less pressure for them...MORE FOR ME!! I cannot decide on anything. What suits one girl may not suit the other. Plus I've got a brunette, a blonde and a redhead. Aren't there rules? I don't know. I still dont have a proper color palette and it's getting pretty annoying.

I was looking at recessionista type dresses and saw the Le Sac dress at American Apparel. Looks very sac-like. I know it's just two peices of cloth together with some ribbon things but I like how it can be used over and over. Looks very casual and says it's made with "assorted fabrics" so not really sure if it's enough to be a bridesmaid dress. I wanted to go check it out though.

ASOS needs to make their dresses just slightly longer. I mean c'mon. I'm not into hoochie dresses or club dresses. They're so tiny!! Maybe if I had great legs I day maybe? Anyway ASOS maybe you could just make a few longer so the bridesmaids could wear them?! Oh, they have a "Shop Lady Gaga's look" section. Could you imagine the girls walking out in huge puffy sleeves and electrical tape on their candies? SO CLASSY!! Instead of bouquets they would carry sparkly orb things and light up disco sticks. Ahhh, my inner Gaga...

Alright the bridesmaid dress search will continue but we did get a couple things done. The photographer friend is booked. The invites will arrive at Mom's soon to be addressed and I just finished off a bag of Doritos.

Hope everyone had a good Valentines day. Ryan slept until 3 - I was pretty annoyed. Then when he woke up I passed out and took a 2 hour nap. Woke up to roses and french toast. He's good. We saw Wolfman (yay Benicio!) and had Indian at like 2 am.

Umm I was going to put some kind of pretty picture up but I'm on the man's laptop. Mine is dead and my new lappy wont be here for another week or so. Just pretend they is some super girly rosey pink (that every girl loves) picture of something else super girly and a puppy in a field of flowers or something. See ya!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Celery and Peanut Butter

Well, a weight has been lifted. That weight's name is GOCCO! I loved the Gocco and it was fun when it was done right but it was too much of a guessing game. We spent lots of money trying to get it right and crossing our fingers so we wouldn't have to start all over again. It works but I just don't have enough patience. Beware...Gocco's cause unnecessary arguments, foreal. Ryan called it the fight machine or something. But don't let that put you off from buying it from me! It'll be up on ebay or etsy soon. Let me know if you're interested. It's a PG10 and I've got around 13 inks.

*sigh of relief* SO we ordered pretty art nouveau invites and they'll be here by the end of the monthish. Mom is going to address them because she has the prettiest writing ever.

We met with a potential florist last week near Bristol. It was a good little meeting and I think they might actually get what I want, even though I don't even know exactly what I want. They think outside the box (mmm taco bell) and I know I wont end up with balls of flowers with rhinestones.

Ok that's the wedding stuff update. Did I trick you with the title? When I can't think of a name for the post I look around the room. I haven't had this in ages. Yum but I need better peanut butter.

Oh! Made dinner last night - Italian Meatball Soup w/ Cheesy Rolls. Fancy. Alright I'm going to give Ryan credit for chopping up the onion, cooking the meatballs and cheesing the rolls. It was pretty good though and quick to make.

We're making something yummy again tonight - Chorizo and Asparagus. (it's really really yummy)

Last random thing - have you seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?? It's SO funny! Not the same as the book but I was not expecting that. K, bye.

I think I just like the idea of my favorite foods falling from the sky. nom nom nom