Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Chop

Remember when I kept bitching about how my hair wouldn’t grow fast enough? K, well now it’s way too long, thick and annoying. I want to chop it…chop chop chop.

I haven’t had my hair this long since high school. It has been nice to braid and throw it up in a big messy bun but whenever I see a short cut I’m so envious at how cute and easy it looks.

I’m going to curl and braid the heck out of it all week long and possibly go for the chop next week. I don’t think it’s long enough for locks of love though but I would. Can I do locks of love in England? Might have to wait if I’m almost there. I’ll Google but if anyone knows, send a comment my way.

n509273962_1140705_6526short vs. long!!091 

Yes, I only have photos of me attached to that man.

*Update!* Found a site called Little Princess Trust. Hair donations must be 10 inches or more. I have some layers so I’m going to have to wait another couple of months and I’ll be able to cut it and send away. I’d really love to chop it all off now but why waste good hair?! Bring on the braids.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Proper tourists. Oh wait, I live here now.

Before Dad and Brother flew back to the states, we did a bus top tour in London. Ryan and I have walked around London for days. Thank goodness for the bus & cheesy guide - I learned lots. Some of the history of London is a little disturbing but hey, I need all the help I can get when it comes to taking my citizenship test (won’t be for a while). Ok, are they father and son or what?003008013015070080095112123 088 See you later, London!

Sunday Lovely Sunday

It was nice and sunny yesterday and I really would love a tan but whenever it’s that sunny I can’t help but put sunscreen all over! I have had many bad burns and been peeley way too many times. It’s almost too hot. The grass is dead and crunchy. Ugh I’m going to kick myself for whining about the sun when I’m freezing my bum off in a few months.

Not many pictures from yesterday because I was busy snapping away at the new lanterns and listing them on Etsy. Here are some photos and a song I’ve had stuck in my head since Come Dine with Me was on. Thanks, CDWM, I totally forgot about this awesome awesome band.001006 There is our dead grass and someone else’s duvet hanging out to dry. Ours blanket is behind it, half in the shade on the grass that has survived the blistering sun. I’ve been laying out doing a People’s crossword magazine that Mom left in England. Sorry Mom! It’s the only crossword I can actually complete.

<3 you Chungking.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What day is it?

34 My days have been all over the place for this entire month. I don’t think I’ve know what day it was at all besides our wedding day. You’d think things would be settling down at home by now but nooo. I did some emailing around and was invited to a few craft fairs. I’m trying to prepare for one this weekend for Jane Austen (<3) regency week in Alton. I just found out yesterday SO I begged Ryan to take me to the craft shop and load up on supplies.

I’ve been cutting, whining and gluing my little heart out. Hopefully I’ll have 20 brand new lanterns for the fair. Yes, I could have used the 20 I made for our wedding but I think they might be all scrunched up and not so pretty anymore. These lanterns are new and improved with pretty colors and patterns. (spell check is telling me colors is wrong but I refuse to spell it the other way, I’m still American even if I drink lots of tea and eat scones with clotted cream n’ jam or jelly, whatever!)

I’ll put a little post up tomorrow (if all goes right) and let everyone know more about where it is and what will be there. This is my first time selling in a craft fair so hopefully I’ll learn a lot and be more prepared next time…ok no I reeeally hope it all goes smoothly, doesn’t rain and people like my stuff.

<3 yous!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wedding: lovely little things

K&R-007K&R-009DSC01630 K&R-010K&R-222Picture 401 K&R-245Picture 124

So that’s it for now.  We still haven’t been given ALL of our wedding photos. That was just a teaser. Really excited for those. Might have to do a whole new wedding set post. Thank you again for all of your comments, they totally make my day!

No Sunnday post yesterday because we cleaned up most of the day. My Brother and Dad are in town from their travels and we’re going to do London today. Do London…as in walk around until I can’t stand anymore.

See ya!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wedding: our guests were the best!

K&R-057 Picture 111Picture 012 K&R-187 K&R-194K&R-205 K&R-227K&R-204K&R-188 31043_627121306899_18805656_36432691_3829531_n Picture 035I’ve got so many awesome guest pictures that it could go on forever. I can’t wait to see our guestbook with all the instax photos!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wedding: laughing, dancing & romancing

Ryan bought a bunch of toys and games for guests the day before the wedding. Such a  surprise! Not sure how we ended up on them but it was pretty hilarious. Also, he won.K&R-217K&R-223Best first dance ever. This is our REAL first dance…yeah as in we have never danced together before (aside from about 2 seconds in the kitchen before I geek out). Picture 051You wouldn’t believe I was sober all night. I kept getting drinks from people yet only had a sip of each one (three sips). I’d put it down and dance then forget all about it. I think it worked out for the better because I can actually remember every moment of our day.Picture 065Had to run away to the old playground next to the barn.  Picture 086Picture 091K&R-244Can you tell I had the best night ever or what? I think the last picture is my favorite – even with my brother drunk dancing next to us.

Not sure how many more wedding photos my blog can handle. I think I’ll do one more and a “little things” post. Thank you guys for your lovely comments!! More soon…

Friday, June 18, 2010