Friday, October 29, 2010

Someone has a case of the Fridays

5126654356_4eb3b46b2d_b Happy Halloween weekend bleh I’m sick and sad so that means no links because I’m grumpy. Hope this goes away before our vacation next week. I’m sneezing & whining up a storm but Ryan is taking good care of me. On the plus side, we got our pumpkins and I made three pumpkin pies from scratch (they don’t have the canned stuff out here). The man said it smelled really yummy but of course I couldn’t smell a thing. Hope you have a good weekend - please send healthy thoughts.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charity shop find

0105120084061_837d5dc421_b009Apparently I have a weird way of posing like a mannequin. I’ll find a prettier way to wear this scarf but I just picked it up today and snapped a quick shot before the sun went away.

Cream boat neck top £1.50, Liberty scarf £1.00!

Need a costume? Pt. 4

tumblr_lawsfdvk7p1qzj5e8o1_500This is awesome. Go Halloween go!

via another western vampire

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Here comes the rain

5117577412_e1f8a6872b_b5116974769_34ae319d77_b This is the coat/jacket/trench I was talking about last Friday. I love a good set of pockets. I think Mom bought it from a little boutique in Duvall, Washington called Chic Essentials. The trench is by Esley. Love it. Have you found your new coat for this fall? It’s hard for me to find a nice long coat with long arms that isn’t huge. This fits perfectly and the sleeves are a bit short but I don’t mind because I’ve got my rad pockets. Perfect for dressy days (which are non existent for me) or casual forever.

((I think this is as bright as my photos are going to get until next summer.))

What a weekend

006030 015031070062066 067074I had such a great weekend thanks to Anna and her lovely friends. It was her hen-do weekend and it was full of surprises. We got crafty, tipsy, full, and sporty. I danced my bum off and I’ve got four blisters to prove it. I take back what I said about “dancing until your feet bleed” when we were walking back from the club.

My absolute favorite part of the weekend was going to the All Star which is super American themed where we ate brunch and bowled. I even had a chance to order a classic root beer float (which they tried and hated, whaaat?!) and bought Twizzlers to take home to the man. I’ll be going back whenever I miss the US. The photos don’t do the weekend any justice – too dark and blurry but I enjoyed the weekend more when I wasn’t snapping away at everything.

Oh – I also found out just out allergic I am to kitties. Not fair!

Thanks Anna – so excited for your big day. She’s having a bit of a rough time atm with a few plans falling through at the last-ish minute so if anyone has a DJ friend up north or some wedding dress designer magic please get in touch with either of us asap!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Someone has a case of the Fridays

2250475770_edaa724aeb_oI’m actually having a real Friday! I’m off to London this afternoon and staying until Sunday for a weekend of secret fun. There will be dressing up and drinking involved. Wish me luck!

Here are some clickables:
x   my Mom sent us some of these dish towels when we first moved in to our first place together.
x   amazing amazing velvet boots.
x   great Halloween costume inspiration and makeup tutorial.
x   I don’t have kids but I love this blog anyway – I’m totally going to be crafting it up 24/7 when I have little ones.
x   this may have been my desktop background for a few weeks.
x   obsessed with these Mad Men gifs…I love all the gifs on that site though, amazing/hilarious.
x   I’ll be baking these once we get our pumpkins.
x   wishing I could go to the opening of the Grand Pier again. If you’re in the area (which I doubt!) you should totally go and support em.

K, must pack - see ya! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thread Love

4648807790_61b00ee11b_zil_570xN.183929966il_570xN.180897239 Still obsessed with these amazing accessories. Every single piece is beautiful and the packaging is absolutely gorgeous.

visit marañón and shop @ spinthread

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I was girly once.

il_570xN.184866392il_570xN.184872031LOVE the collar. I’m thinking the sleeves are too short for me because they always are. I have long monkey arms. This mauve color has been a favorite of mine for quite a long time. When I was a freshman in high school I wore pink almost every day. So girly. It was like…my thing. I even dyed the tips of my hair pink. A year later I started listening to Sleater-Kinney, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, other awesome and sad emo stuff and I swore off of pink. Black black black! Jean jacket every day and converse.Then the jacket mysteriously disappeared. I still wonder about that thing. I bet someone was just doing me a favor.

It has been 10 years (wow…) since my pinkaholicness was put to a halt and I still don’t have anything pink…whoa, aside from this huge pink fuzzy robe I’m wearing – thank you Mother-in-law. She recognizes this lack of color in my wardrobe. I do have a pink cell phone that I never ever ever use. That information might be shocking to some.

My Mom (both Mom’s are coming to the fashion rescue here) did buy me the ca-utest black jacket with too short sleeves *tear* that I’m going to try to pretend is supposed to have shortish sleeves. I haven’t worn it yet but I will be in London for the weekend and will try it out there.


vintage mauve trench via VerseauVintage on Etsy


il_570xN.184937925il_570xN.161942593il_570xN.167359444These are kinda super cute. I’m sure they are easy to make (not for me, I don’t know how to sew) but the thought of someone sat at home making these thoughtful, crafty little banners makes them even sweeter.

flags and banners via Tender Letters on Etsy

Chef Seuss

IMG_3982 IMG_4012

YUM AND A  HALF. I’d totally try it this green pesto gouda from Amsterdam. What a great idea for Halloween too. There are some seriously amazing sandwiches on Grilled Cheese Social like HELLO – mac & cheese…you + my mouth.

photos via Grilled Cheese Social

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Aw, Honey…y’baked!

il_fullxfull.101571132 Vintage Apron via FluttersbyandFlowers
il_fullxfull.183733215Vintage Apron via MrsHelping 
il_430xN.182465971Vintage Apron via mochamoney

I baked some yummalicious cookies last night and made a huge mess. I did need a little help from my handsome assistant and what does Superman do? Breaks the wooden spoon. I decided then that I would love a mixer. Of course he totally supports me baking (cookies, cakes rarr!) so I’m dreaming of a shiny new Kitchen Aid mixer possibly in (are you writing this down?) cream, purple or black or red…or pink…yellow…you get the idea.

What have you baked lately? He also loves a late night cake in a mug. Have you tried it? Super quick and easy.

Need a (couple) costume? Pt. 3



FOR HER: Oshkosh B’gosh cord overall dress (I may have spent way too long trying to find the perfect one), plaid green shirt, camel turtleneck and a fuzzy purple robe because it’s chilly out.










FOR HIM: Red jacket, green plaid shirt also, jeans not shown because you can probably find some yourself, a permanent brow arch and a crazy hand typed letter.




   YOUR EXPRESSIONS WHEN SOMEONE ASKES YOU WHO YOU ARE: theshining_wideweb__470x312,0Aw it’s our favorite couple, Jack and Wendy! K, so you might not be the cutest looking couple at the party but I’d think you were pretty damn cool.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Someone has a case of the Fridays

33747_10150286287335543_885545542_15146300_4737788_nThat’s our friends cat Lily - who (I think) is the most beautiful cat in the whole world.

It’s Friday again. Here’s one of those linky listy things.

x   I made three JO recipes this week – this, this n this. I strongly suggest the first.
x   Tried to work on my handwriting and ended up writing like a first grader for 15 minutes.
x   Seriously, who cares what time it is when you’ve got this on your wrist.
x   Yes to feathers and freckles.
x   Whenever I go to ballet I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and always think I’m wearing way too much makeup. I don’t wear THAT much but if my face isn’t naked when I’m in yoga pants and a tank top it just looks weird. This makeup seemed to work better for the class yesterday. Yes it’s on a man but he’s rad. I love YouTube makeup guru’s and he’s in my top 5.
x   I update my Mom’s VV shop blog for her – look at this photo she sent me. Had to put it up.
x   Have you seen these little kids re-enact Project Runway? The little boy that plays Michael Kors is spot on. 
x   A couple of new posts on my little girly blog.

K, I need to go get ready for our Dirty Dancing drive-in movie date! Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Picture 1(in your best Rachel Zoe inner voice) This is where the girliness inside me lives. Aren’t the lighting fixtures ah-may-zing. I mean like, c’mon. I die.

 abyu lighting in the Villa Roxie

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

National Knitting Week

Untitled-19Onez Lau via Knit Kicks

So apparently it’s National Kniting Week but when I looked at the events page for the week THERE IS NOTHING HAPPENING (more like National Knitting Weak). I’ve decided to help get some people inspired to try knitting even if it’s just for this week. I’ve only just started a few weeks ago and I’m already on my 5th scarf. So if I can do it, you can. It’s a great feeling when you’re all done with your piece and you can give it away or just keep it for yourself and say “yeah, I made this”.

So I’ll be your Grandma. Here are a list of videos, a few Etsy shops for pretty wool and clothing shops that have super amazing kitted pieces out now.

The Basics:
x   Slip knot, cast on (there are a few different ways to cast on or bind off just find what you like best)
x   Basic knit stitch, purl stitch (everyone knits and holds the yarn and needles differently! just find what is most comfortable for you)
x   Fixing Mistakes
x   Cast or Bind off
x   Weaving the ends 

If you want to watch a series of videos that really breaks it down (made for teens really) just screw those other videos I listed and watch this annoying lady. (I started knitting from watching these videos)

---->CLICK HERE<----

Knitting Abbreviations – wtf do they mean?:
x   Yarn care, abbreviations and needle info

Shops for Pretty Yarn:
x   Viola
x   (if you’re in the UK) Hobbycraft is celebrating National Knitting Week and are having a sale
x   Spin Span Spun

Shop some of my favorite knitted pieces so far for fall:
x   Nasty Gal
x   Wisken
x   Yarn Over Movement
x   Banana Republic
x   Creatures of Comfort AW
x   ASOS

Hope these tips helped or inspired you to knit. If you have tried – I want to see! I’ll leave you with another annoying knitting video…

Monday, October 11, 2010

Need a costume? Pt. 2

4401559128_b1ff66f24181449So dramatic. I’ve always wanted to dress up as Lydia! Such an easy costume. As I was searching for photos I saw that CBG has already picked out what you are to wear (including costumes for Wednesday Addams and Morticia – only the best)! Easy peasy.

Just throw on your black everything, grab your hat, camera and separate your bangs for the look.

The Cutest


66377_167642336584170_113195468695524_647264_6977728_n64688_167642249917512_113195468695524_647256_8232283_n 66474_167642089917528_113195468695524_647239_8147225_n 40151_167642293250841_113195468695524_647262_8249503_n 40866_167642153250855_113195468695524_647245_7171275_n Nadinoo AW10 Collection - whoa, the cutest. I love love love the new shorts, dresses, slouchy blouses, capes, all of it. I only own ONE pair of black shorts (I know, I’m a weirdo.) from Zara and I love em. They’re highwaistedish and have the perfect pockets. The shorts above are super cute and I’d probably make excuses to wear them all the time. I’d be the blue shorts girl. I also love the cuts on the first set of dresses and that blue slouchy blouse – yer killin me.


clothing via Nadinoo photography via I Heart Studios
Nadinoo on Etsy