Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hail Yes, shoes.


I would be so happy for my feet if they had these on.

via On the Fringe of Fashion

P.s. Thanks for Ryan’s Birthday comments on the post before this one. Ryan and I went out to a romantic dinner. We ate delicious fancy food and I embarrassed him by telling our server it was his birthday. You know what happens next. I know he secretly loved it (not). I even caught him making a wish before he blew out the candle.


mckenzie. said...

I like these. ;)

Wren said...


L0veLindsey said...

These are soo hott! I want them, like now!

drollgirl said...

oooh, those shoes are just fab!

and hope ryan had a fab birthday, despite your efforts to humiliate him. LOL! just kidding. :)

Athena. said...

Oh, these are gorgeous!
p.s. I love your blog name xxx

Jenny said...

I LOVE these and i love your blog. likelikelike if i still had facebook :)