Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Visit Wales

I’ve never been to Wales but these simple adverts (and their font) are really winning me over. Tell me what it’s reeeeally like.

**UPDATE** So apparently this is a real family and you can watch longer versions of the video/commercials above, here. Still good. Ryan says don’t believe it but I’m thinkin, I’m sold. I totally want to sleep in a yurt.


E is for Eleanor said...

I've only been to pembroke in wales (where Christian Bale is from, no less!) and it was beautiful, but I think the valleys are even lovelier!

Anonymous said...

I'm sold! LOL.

For some reason the last one wants me to go fishing, while drinking a cold beer and then making a campfire and roasting some fresh water fish, while squeezing lemon juice on it! hahahaha... I'm seriously craving fish right now!

Kris said...

I'd love to go tooo!!!! Happy New Year!

SJ said...

i only went for a couple of days to visit a friend but it was just stunning.

the coastline around Cardiff is gorgeous, definitely worth a visit! and apparently there are puffins somewhere off the coast in spring so i would love to go back and see them!

and flowers pick themselves said...

never been. these make it look pretty rad :)

xo Alison

claire said...

So I can't watch these ads at the moment but I've seen the Visit Wales ads before and they have previously been spot on. We go several times a year to the Lleyn peninsula and seriously, if you want to go then that is the best place ever. Surfing, amazing beaches, mountains, delicious food and restaurant and it is just the best place. Email me if you want specific recommendations, I've got plenty!