Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wear it or Not?

kourtney-kardashian-khloe-kim-nyc-hotel-kardashian-konfidential-7-481x769kourtney-kardashian-khloe-kim-nyc-hotel-kardashian-konfidential-3I know there are probably rules against this…but I love it. It looks like she’s morphing into a sparkly Leopard. (Kourtney is by far my favorite Kardashian.) Today, I’m totally going to wear the leopard leggings my Mom gave me.


anna and the ring said...

I can't cope with the tights and shoes together.

Yet love the tights!

Katie said...

It usually drives me crazy when I see this kinda thing, same with denim. I think she just loves the shoes and the tights so much she thought, why the hell not?

Kitty Stampede said...

she pulls it off but c'est iffy. not diggin' the stripper shoes. but the tights and the coat are unbelievable. never seen that show.