Friday, February 25, 2011

Back and Geeking Out

3788699647_f0b0dcc7f1_z3789513474_b3cc94a6d7_z3788705003_3b2d4c59df_z3789518410_c4f1c6b97a_zI’ve been rediscovering Willow all over again after I saw a the old board game in a charity shop for £1.50 a few weeks ago. Chea, mine. Ryan and I watched the movie again and decided to break out the game and attempt the most complicated board game ever made. We set it all up, looked at the over 20 page rulebook and decided to flip through the playing cards and geek out instead (k, I did most of the geeking out).

I keep seeing armour-like rings and pieces floating around on Tumblr and Pinterest so I Googled Sorsha to write a post inspired by her (maybe later?) and found that these headpieces still exist. OMG. Of course they were at a George Lucas Exhibit where they totally belong. I’m not a Star Wars fanatic or anything like that, although I do <3 Ewok’s. My brother used to watch Willow all the time and while I was always begging to put on Cinderella and The Little Mermaid, I sat through hours of Willow and Robin Hood pretty much ALL THE TIME. C’mon Brian, don’t lie.

And oo recently a good friend of ours has just named her adorable new little puppy Willow and everyone is still singing I WHIP MAH HAIR BACK AND FORTH! Well…I am.

Anyway I’d kill to get my mitts on one of these headpieces though…hmm I see a potential Halloween costume that no one would understand in my future. 


After some crap things were thrown my way I was determined to get some good things happening for myself and so far it’s working. Now I’ve just got to make more good things blossom from them (job job job *all fingers are crossed*). I’ve also been consistently practicing Yoga again with a little Pilates thrown in there. Maybe I’ll feel ok about possibly wearing a swimsuit this year but mostly it’s just good to feel good – ya know? I’m a pretty sensitive lady so yes, you will see it in my posts if I’m blue. But I’m taking my multivitamins like a good girl and cooking the yummiest of yummy dinners. Hello happy belly. Downside is I’ve recently become a little nocturnal. I’m slowly turning that around but I’ve always been kind of a night owl anyway.

I’m also falling in love with blogging again because it’s MINE and sometimes it’s one of the best ways to express my thoughts, inspirations, obsessions and feelings. Yes, even if it is a photo of a cute lil rodent. Your comments are like sweet little daily notes that just put a smile on my face. Thank you for taking the time to write them. As usual, you are the bomb.

Tonight – a night with friends! Have a wonderful weekend! Hearts, stars and studs!

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jonovan said...

cool willow stuff!


Well, HEAT might be a close second! lol when I come over we'll figure out how to play that game!