Friday, February 11, 2011

Case of the Fridays

Teddy-bear_1448668icute rat rat-cuddling-teddyrat_teddy_02rat-with-a-teddy-bear-16026-1233948665-3I guess if I can’t be a cat girl then this is about right.

This week has been kinda bleh. Hope yours has been better. Here’s a list because lists make me feel productive even though this isn’t, really.

x Visit this flickr with some of the photos above if you aren’t freaked out by rat babies.
x One man’s jewellery collection. It’s far more impressive than mine will ever be.
x The best black and brown’s I’ve seen this month besides these cookies.
x Super rad diy earrings. This lady is a genius when it comes to diy accessories.
x The new toast catalogue arrived today. Some of the photos screamed TAKE ME TO LA RICHARDA. But this one just screamed BUY ME. I love everything. I never want to wear anything tight again. That would mean a new wardrobe though.

Happy weekend and Happy Valentine’s day for those of you spending it on Sunday like we are. xox


drollgirl said...

UM, HELLO?!?!? CUTEST POST I HAVE SEEN IN AGES (and i don't even like mice or rats)! ADORABLE!!!!

Lara said...

Rats are great pets! I had 2, now one. Love him to pieces! That earring DIY link was great!

Kitty Stampede said...

I just LOVE These Photos!!! TOO FAHREAKING CUTE.

And I just adore the color combo of black & brown in an outfit. just love.

Hope you have a gazillion times better of a weekend than you had a week. I hear ya, mine was a blecher too. ...pms doesn't help anything either.

Chelsea said...

these pics are darn right adorable.

Style Porn said...

Rats are somehow cuter when they're sleeping with teddy bears.

A La Mode said...

This is so cute!!

anna and the ring said...


Anonymous said...

Those pics! I can't decide whether to go awwww or eeeee... it's the teddybears that are throwing me I think ;)

Rina said...

no way,
those are not real. How could someone think of something so CUTE?!??!?
This person needs to make these into posters, or calendars.

I want a pet rat again.

Angie said...

Oh my GOODNESS! This is making me melt from sweetness. I have a couple rat babies, too. But my photos are nothing like this. How do you do that!?!?!?