Monday, February 7, 2011

Kitty Convo

il_570xN.215202523il_570xN.215242159il_570xN.191032578il_570xN.214699736il_570xN.195148460(This Etsy collection represents the mood I get in after I’ve visited Fieldguided.)

Ryan and I had a conversation about cats the other day. I’ve never had a cat but he did for a short time when he was young. I am a huge dog lover and he is too. We’re pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to adopt a dog atm because of rules about how big our pretty much nonexistent garden is. *sigh* One day but just not now. So, I thought for the first time about REALLY getting a cat. I’ve said before about how I’m allergic to cats but how I love them and think they are so mysterious.

My Mom had two cats named Big and Little. One summer, I was visiting and Little was under the couch. Next thing I know, Little took a swipe at my face. I was fine but shaken up. I know dog language so well that I thought tail wagging was a good thing!? It totally freaked me out and that’s probably why I think I never know what they’re going to do.

My bff’s kitten was so in love with my face that she decided to pounce on it as I was sleeping. And once at my friend Anna’s (who fosters kitties – how sweet is that?) I spent the night with my head out the window because of the cutest pair of black kitties. So yes, I am around kitties sometimes. I pet them and my eyes & lungs suffer.

Anyway back to the getting kitty convo Ryan and I were having…People have said that I just need to be around cats and stick it out and my allergies will just go away. What if they don’t and we’ve adopted a kitty we can’t keep? Maybe I’m just desperate for a pet (no offence Tella, our sweet lil hamster)?

I know for a fact that we’re going to have at least 3 dogs one day (<3 <3 <3) and maybe when we have a little one (yes one as in a baby, no not any time soon, Mom & Dad…relax) and he or she might ask for a pretty kitty - maybe then we’ll have a one. But for now they will remain mysterious. I’m just going to keep falling in love with the kitties I see in windows – on screen and off, when we visit friends houses and random kitties crossing the road (eesh!).

When you’re thinking about getting a pet – really think about it. I’ve had lots of dogs in my life, big and small, crazy and lazy. Find the best pet for your lifestyle and family. Make your pet’s life as wonderful as it makes yours.

And that is the end of the kitty convo.


Click the photos to fly to the Etsy shop they belong to. Also, I know it’s a fox. Isn’t it rad?


anna and the ring said...

Please get kittens, please. They are not all really hyperallergenic. You just need to go and rub your face in a few!

SimoneV said...

:( I do hope you get over your feline allergy. Everyone seems to be allergic to cats. I love them so much I do hope I never end up with it!
I daresay try and adopt a kitty!!! I love the word you used about cats . . . ."mysterious" . . . so true!!!

Love the names your mum gave her cats :)

And love that last pic of the eye mask. I want one.

Katie said...

@Anna We will get our kitty fix at your place!

@Simone Thanks, lady. I love good pet names.

anabela / fieldguided said...

Aw, I love that mood! Thanks for the shout out!

It sounds like having a kitty is just not the thing for you, and that's okay -- at least you realize it! It breaks my heart when people have to get rid of their pets because something's gone wrong along the way.