Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My melting brain

liz and rockI can’t just leave rats up on my blog but I’m having trouble feeling inspired lately. I need something to happen. Well, the truth is I need to make something happen.

(Wish the photo above could be my little space atm!)


Kitty Stampede said...

take some time. it's good for all of us!!! go out and do stuff you've been wanting to do but keep putting it off. go in nature, ALWAYS inspiring!

love that space. gah.

take care sweets! xoxo

drollgirl said...

you can leave rats up on your blog, for as long as needed! lol!

hope you have a super (and inspiring) weekend! :)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

At least the rats are cute! Not old ew rats. Look at clouds more. x hivennn