Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Return to your childhood

318461 6445523_galscreen_image_124653 oz_23 Return-to-Oz-1return-to-oz Notice how there aren’t any wheelers – that’s because they scared  the hell out of me.

Return to Oz!


SJ said...

i was just talking about this movie the other day and how much it terrified me! I showed my fiance a clip of the wheelers on youtube and he agreed that they were still terrifying!

Gaynor said...

I hated the wheelers too; so scary!

Such a weird film wasnt it!

julie said...

haha! I loved this movie so much when i was a kid...strange though, the wheelers, plus some of the other characters made me cry. But I still watched it all the time.

Love your blog!!! Cheers-Julie