Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Watch

I will admit that over the last couple of years I’ve slowly started to become a YouTubeaholic. If I ever want to learn how to do something quickly – YouTube. When I want to know a little more about a specific beauty product – YouTube. If I’m super bored and I want to crack up and make my friends crack up – YouTube. If I ever want to see a part of the world I’ve never been to – YouTube. Remember books? I *like*, comment, favorite and subscribe almost daily. I did make a tutorial video but I’m too chicken to upload it. I’ll leave it to the YouTuber’s for now. We blog – they Vlog.

Recent favorites:

(Sorry if you can’t view it in your part of the world!)

Any recommendations?? Happy Groundhog day. You know what I’ll be watching tonight.


anna and the ring said...

we want your vlog!!

julie said...

I love this elegant professional video. Gave me some good tips for my office wear! Thanks!