Friday, March 25, 2011

Case of the Fridays

Hi guys – thanks for all of your comments on the last Friday post. You’re all super rad.

Today we got some sad news after a trip to the vet. Nutella (our wee hamster) will be two years old on April 4th and her old age is showing. She is such a sweet little thing and has been the perfect first pet for us. We’re going going to spoil the heck out of her and make her last days the best days that we can. <3

On a lighter note, it has been sooo gorgeous here lately. This weather makes it worth suffering through all those wet and cold days. There is a pretty pink magnolia tree a few houses down that I’ve been keeping an eye on. Any day now all of the flowers are going to bloom and it will be magical. Ryan’s parents have one in their backyard and it looks so pretty when the wind blows and the petals fall. *jealous* We went to visit them last weekend and his Mum and I spent most of  Sunday at the car boot sale. I came back with a new cactus plant, lots of tomatoes, plums and other goodies. I used the plums to bake a yummy crumble. I can’t wait until Pickwell Farm has its rhubarb so I can bake another one. It’s nice that we can go and pick our own fruit and veg in this sun.

Alright hope you all have a sunny weekend. I’m going to play out “Friday” because it’s so bad it’s good and I promised Ryan I’d only play it on Friday from now on. I can’t help myself.

((British Summertime begins this weekend so set your clocks forward one hour!))

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Lara said...

So sorry to hear about little Nutella. I just lost the last of my 2 rats from a bad respiratory infection. We spoiled him rotten as well. Such a fan of rodents!