Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dreaming in Deco


Yes. We’ll move in tomorrow, thanks.

My deco dreams have come true. I came across this place via rattenkonig via egadegadegad on tumblr and had to look into it more. This was the Hoover factory in 1933.

K, maybe we don’t need the whole building but our dream place is definitely going to have a little deco inspiration. I love the windows, flooring, staircase and the front doors.

I think we should probably take a little trip to London soon.


P.S. This just in – Brother is getting the hell out of Japan for a little while “until this cools off…literally”. Hope it does soon. Stay safe everyone!xx


Photos via nick.garrod on flickr.

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Anonymous said...

God I love that wooden floor... so beautiful huh? Glad to hear your brother is all ok.