Monday, March 7, 2011

My Style via My Tumblr


Personal style - at nearly 26 years old, I still find it hard to shop as I’m constantly being pulled in every direction. So I took a look at my Tumblr archive where I stash lots of inspiration that includes clothing. It’s mostly things I’d LOVE to be wearing. Of course as a Taurus (I can blame it on that, right?) a lot of the items I’m drawn to are quite expensive but I am a bargain shopper at heart/broke so try I find items inspired by those pieces.

Looking at the collage of photos, it shows I go from crazy shapes to floral then studs to lace. Am I totally all over the place or what? Well, I may not know what I want all the time but at least I know what I don’t want.

So, how would I describe my style? Mine. When I close my eyes I’m wearing that picnic blanket piece, black wedges, and Joan’s giant floppy hat. Then I open my eyes and I’m in the same Forever21 dark denim jeans I’ve had for 3 years, my husband’s black fedora hat, and another charity shop blouse. How is that describable? Maybe I should call Gok. He can make me some wack shoulder pads for every top I own. 

What words would you use to describe your style?


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Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Cool, I just posted about how I'm using Tumblr now too! Yes let's be friends there - you're my first follow!