Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bikini Hunter

I’m looking for a cute & cheap bikini to take with me to France in a few weeks. As I’ve said before, I haven’t put one on in a couple of years and I haven’t shopped for one in aaaages and I’m really not excited to either. So I want to get in and out of there without feeling like a pasty but sunburnt lump.

I’m going to say I’m pear shaped because well…my hips don’t lie. So that doesn’t really mean much except that I don’t want anything super duper frilly or whatever on the bottom. Here is what I’ve got so far:

1. £15.98DXLA01_79762_16037_22_2449 DXLA01_79764_16037_22_2430
2. £17.98DXLA01_79710_09090_22_2481 DXLA01_81105_09090_22_2483
3. £20.98DXLA69_81023_73004_51_0049 DXLA01_79740_33006_22_2440
4. £17.98DXLA01_79753_09090_46_3120 DXLA01_79754_09090_46_3122

All bikini’s are from H&M. They all come in different colors or prints. Of course I went with mostly black just because that’s what I’m used to but some of the colors are vibrant blues, minty greens, plum and peach. Who knows, maybe I’ll get some balls and go for something bright…then again I wouldn’t be able to fit into the bottoms if I did ha…haa ew.

Yeah totally one stop shoppin on this one. Does anyone have any experience with their swimsuits? Hope they’re alright for these prices. I might have to replace the beads. We’ll see! I’ll let you know how it goes and which bikini gets to go to France.


Josie ♥ Savoir Weddings ♥ said...

1 and 3 are my faves lady. And I would kill for hips (am boyishly boyish figure wise).

Simone - Take My Hand My Whole Life Too said...

Love one and to wish I had the figure to pull them off! I love a 50's style swim suit.