Friday, April 1, 2011

Case of the Fridays

il_570xN.207579908It’s April! My favorite month. The flowers are blooming and there are new adventures in our future. March was meh. This month I’m going to get a job dammit!! I’ve handed my resume out today to a fulltime position so I’m just waiting for the call (thinking positive thoughts). I’m also going to attempt to get my “bikini bod” (PAH!) ready for Summer. I haven’t gone shopping for a swimsuit in about 6 years, for real. I think I got rid of them after I moved away from Florida too.

How was your March? Glad it’s over or sad to see it go?

The photo above is from amandajames1 on Etsy. Ever since my last visit to East I’ve become a little obsessed with hand block printing. East sells some pieces that have been made from hand printed fabric and I love them. I also saw a little something on Kristy’s Handmade Home about hand block printing and I’d really like to take this workshop next year at Tobias and the Angel. Who’s in?x


Dina said...

I'm always so glad when March is over because I know that summer is right around the corner! yay!

Marloes said...

Yes, I'm going to join you... yay March is over. April always brings something bubbly and new. I hope you'll get the job! :)