Friday, April 8, 2011

Case of the Fridays

Been spending the days outside this week. I'm actually outside as I type this post up WHOOAAA. The sun has been shining and the breeze is just right. Hope your week has been a good one. Nothing too exciting has happened here. I started a new Yoga class yesterday that I really enjoyed. There wont be another class until the end of this month so I'll have to be good at home.

I did another fun/annoying Facebook quiz on my wall. Posting screen shots of movies we’ve all seen 100 times. Here are some of my favorites – can you guess them? (blog friends that are Facebook friends aren’t allowed to give it away!)cbmmdtmtbsdcshandh

First one to get them gets a hi5.

Have a good weekend!xx


anna and the ring said...

Can I just say I heart film 3!

Katie said...

Anna I bet you were another version of her when you were young!

Rina said...

What movie is this?
It looks so fuun!

Ms. Katie, I featured you on my blog