Friday, April 22, 2011

Case of the Fridays

It was a beautiful day today. Ryan and I went into town to meet some friends, have a smoothie and a coffee and Nando’s. Tomorrow we’re going to Winchester to do lunch. I love being in Winchester, plus it’s supposed to be even prettier out.

I just got my camera back so I’ll be back to posting my OWN photos again. They’re from a good ol point and shoot but hey, it does the job. Here is the one I took just because I was happy to have it back: pretty Wisteria creepin over our wall and our neighbours sexy sexy blanket not.

yardI’m watching Raiders of the Lost Ark as I write this. Don’t you kinda love her polka dot dress? Poor thing has to wear it the entire time they’re fighting off the Nazi’s and snakes!6ba6a87ca2db2ec0441a4a0fa87db72dHave a good long weekend! Eat lots of peeps for me because they don’t do them out here. There are chocolate eggs galore. I used to get white chocolate lady bunnies, mmm.

Oh shout out – Dad is taking off with his woman on a cruise today. Luckyyy. Have fun you guys! <3


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