Friday, April 29, 2011

Case of the (Royal Wedding) Fridays

Ohhhhhhhh what can I say that hasn’t already been said? The wedding was truly magical. I’m so happy for them both. I feel so lucky to have been able to see it all happen live. I had one billion hearts shooting out of my eyeballs, for real. K, there were a few tears too.

I tweeted photos off the tv and bits of commentary to my sister-in-law whom had to be at WORK the whole time. I know there are probably tonnnnnnns of pretty pictures of the wedding and dress out there but here are my shots (this is my blog after all):021023033036037046068070071074079081092098100103104109And I hope they will live happily ever after…

We switched off the tv and went into town to see all the flags and street parties. It had died down a bit so we went to lunch and said a little cheers for them both. I had my first margarita of the year and although they used table salt (bleh) it was delish. Couldn’t have asked for a better day and it was nice to see everyone in such a great mood.

Now I’m off to pack as we’re leaving tomorrow for Bristol then off to France on Monday! I’ve got an appointment with the hairdressers early tomorrow (eek). Not sure what I’m going to get but whatever it is will be good because it’ll be GOOD BYE SPLIT END CITY.

Have a wonderful wonderful weekend. I’ll be posting lots of pictures (not off the tv) of our trip soon. xxxx

4 comments: Maegan said...

oh I had so much fun watching the wedding instead of sleeping, lol. ...I love the Union Jack nails! . . . and have a fun trip!

Cloggins said...

You're coming to Bristol just as I'm leaving Bristol - rubbish!

I think these TV shots -particularly the one with your thumbs up matching nail - are the defining moments of the day.

Rina said...

Have a safe trip!

Chelsea said...

love the nail polish!`