Thursday, April 21, 2011

To loft or or not to loft?

434097_1253971910222There has been talk about us getting a new bed lately. Our bed has been broken for months and sometimes falls in the middle of the night scaring the hell out of us. It’s not pretty. Our backs are sucky right now and it’s just time.

So I’m lookin I’m lookin…and I see some decent priced beds out there. I don’t want anything fancy (mostly because omg they are expensive) but just something that maybe doesn’t seem possessed.

During my hunt I came across a loft bed. Earlier, Ryan had joked around about getting a bunk bed which would so not be fair because he would always get the top bunk. But ok would it be a horrible idea if we got a loft bed so that I could use the space below to have my OWN space? Ryan has a little corner in our kitchen/diner (which is tiny) for his work. He has a desk and all that. I understand that he needs this. I love his man work station but I am stuck on the couch, bed or wee kitchen table and I’d love my own little corner with my own little chair (que Cinderella song).

Should the bedroom be strictly for…bedroom time? Does climbing a ladder to get in bed sound as bad as I think it does? It’s only £50 and I could have netting around the posts to make it more…pretty/less ugly. We wouldn’t keep it forever. Just until we’re in this place.

Err…climbing over Ryan every morning when he is a grumpy sleeping monster doesn’t sound very nice.

I dunno, it’s a thought. Save loft beds for the little ones and students? Your thoughts?



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Anonymous said...

But what if this one breaks too? That's a helluva way to fall & I'm pretty sure your backs wouldn't recover! Not that I've got a touch of vertigo or anything...