Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wear it or Not?




Ehh…not super impressed. Where are all the good skorts hiding?! Ohhh they’re back in the 90’s? Ok. Well the other day when we went to Winchester I wore one of my Zara skirts with the cute pockets and decided to wear a pair of Ryan’s boxers underneath. WHAT?! Well, I don’t have tiny little shorts of my very own! It was a good thing I did though because our friend also decided to wear a skirt and had a little Marilyn in The Seven Year Itch moment while we were eating our ice cream cones. Wee!

 How do some girls get away with wearing such short dresses and skirts? Don’t get it.

Would you sport the skort?


Spot Frill Hem Skort at ASOS, Floral Print Skorts at Miss Selfridge, Free People Staying Cool Skort at ShopBop (love the pockets) .


Chelsea said...

I'd wear em. especially the black and white polka dot.

Jenny said...

I'd wear em! cuz i'm so short they'd be long :) and i love polkadots and sometimes floral prints. this one reminds me of upholstery fabric but i'm sure there are great ones out there. just reentered the world of instant communication and am catchin up on your blog. thanks katie!