Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Old Wallet

002001004It has been 5 days since we’ve been back and we’ve sat down to eat cheese every day. You could say we miss France. I now have the new Strokes album because they’d play it non stop while we were out there so it will forever remind me of that trip. We’re also looking for a set of bistro table and chairs. We need to spend more time outside and even though we have a communal garden I’m going to take advantage of the fact that we HAVE a garden. I came home with a pretty bad cold though so I won’t be out much in the next few days.

I bought the wallet above at a jumble sale in Avignon.  It had never been used and the crazy pattern made me dive straight for it. I haven’t had a new wallet in about 4 years so that baby was mine. It’s pretty huge compared to my old one but I’m afraid of getting the white bits all dirty. Also, not sure why my old wallet has a tiny Fat Albert sticker on it.

Last night after Ryan came home from the Three Peaks Challenge meeting, he brought me a fresh new magazine, nice tissues, cough drops and surprise popsicle molds. He’s awesome but the popsicle molds don’t fit in our tiny freezer. They now taunt us.

Hope your weekend was alright and nothing bad happened to you on Friday the 13th. I obviously don’t really believe in that day being bad because I totally went and got all of my hair chopped off. Yes, the mega chop. It’s so short and….SHORT.

See ya!

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tfh. said...

Let's see this super short hair! I'm dying to see it :-)